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How much does it cost to hire a remote developer?

Hey there! I’m super thrilled you asked this question. The cost of hiring a remote developer is indeed an essential consideration for startups, especially those in the early stages of growth. Let me help you understand this a bit better.

The short answer is, that the cost can vary widely, from around $20 per hour to more than $200 per hour, based on the developer’s skills, experience, and location.

However, there’s a lot more to this than just the hourly rates. Let’s break it down.

Components of the Cost

The cost of hiring a remote developer is composed of several elements. Besides the base wage or salary, you may want to consider additional factors, including the cost of recruitment, onboarding, providing tech hardware or software, as well as productivity tools.

Not to forget, for full-time employees, you may also have to allocate a budget for benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, etc.

Cost Variation by Developer’s Region

Another significant aspect influencing the cost of hiring a remote developer is the location of the potential hire. For instance, developers in the United States and Western Europe tend to charge higher rates compared to their counterparts in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa.

That does not necessarily mean that developers in the latter regions aren’t as skilled, but rather reflects cost of living differences and market norms.

How Developer Specialization Affects Cost

Another key element in the cost equation is the developer’s specialization. The world of software development is vast, and certain specializations require advanced training, certification, or education; these factors can elevate the cost of hiring, especially for more niche or in-demand roles.

Practical Tips for Budgeting

When budgeting for remote developers, take a comprehensive view of all the factors we’ve discussed. Consider the developer’s skill set, experience level, location, and potential hidden costs.

Hiring a developer is an investment in your company’s growth and success, so a strategic approach is paramount.

Looking for more insights? Here’s an excellent source for you – ‘A Guide to Hiring Remote Developers‘. It covers a broad range of aspects related to hiring remote developers and can help you get a more profound understanding of the topic.


To recap, the cost of hiring a remote developer can vary significantly depending on numerous factors. The price includes not only their wage or salary, but also additional costs such as recruitment, onboarding, tools, and employee benefits.

Geographical location and their specific expertise also significantly influence costs. Given these factors, it’s crucial to carefully plan and budget for hiring remote developers.


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