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What new features can we expect in smartphones in 2024?

In 2024, the smartphone industry plans to introduce numerous advanced features. These innovations aim to enhance user experience, improve security, and offer more powerful computing capabilities.

They include foldable screens, AI-powered applications, and enhancements in battery life. Together, these advancements are set to redefine how users interact with their devices.

How will foldable technology evolve in 2024?

In 2024, foldable technology is evolving beyond its novelty. Manufacturers are actively improving the durability and flexibility of foldable devices to make them more resistant to wear and tear. This includes developing screens capable of enduring thousands of folds without showing signs of stress.

Additionally, efforts are underway to achieve slimmer profiles and reduced weight, enhancing portability.

Furthermore, software for foldable devices is likely to see vast improvements. Developers are focusing on creating apps and interfaces that seamlessly adapt between folded and unfolded states, offering a more fluid user experience. This could open up new use cases for foldable phones, making them more attractive for professional and personal use.

What battery technology advancements can we expect from new smartphones?

Battery life remains a critical concern for smartphone users, and experts anticipate significant advancements in this domain in 2024.

New battery technologies, such as graphene batteries, offer promising benefits including faster charging times and extended battery life. Graphene batteries, theoretically, can charge up to five times faster than lithium-ion counterparts and hold more charge, enabling devices to last for days on a single charge.

Smartphone manufacturers are also delving into more efficient software optimizations to extend battery life. Leveraging AI and machine learning, smartphones can adeptly manage background tasks and power consumption, ensuring that devices utilize energy only when necessary.

How will AI and machine learning enhance capabilities in new smartphones?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are poised to elevate smartphone capabilities to new heights in 2024. With more powerful processors, smartphones will be able to handle sophisticated AI tasks directly on the device, reducing the need for cloud processing and improving privacy.

Expect features like real-time language translation, enhanced photography through AI-powered algorithms, and personalized app experiences based on user behavior.

On the security front, AI will play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating threats. By constantly learning from user interactions and behaviors, AI-driven security systems can detect anomalies that could indicate a breach or malicious activity, making smartphones safer and more secure.

What developments in connectivity should we expect?

The roll-out of 5G networks is setting the stage for even faster connectivity in smartphones in 2024. But it’s not just about speed; 5G also promises lower latency and the ability to connect more devices simultaneously. This will be crucial for the next wave of mobile applications, from augmented reality experiences to IoT devices managed directly from your smartphone.

Beyond 5G, there’s also a push towards better Wi-Fi technologies, with Wi-Fi 6E and eventually Wi-Fi 7, offering broader bandwidth and supporting a higher density of connected devices. This means faster, more reliable connections not just outside, but within homes and workplaces, supporting the ever-growing ecosystem of smart devices.


In summary, the smartphone industry in 2024 is set for breakthroughs in foldable technology, battery advancements, AI and machine learning applications, and connectivity options.

These innovations will not only enhance the user experience but also offer IT managers, CTOs, and security analysts in tech-centric companies the tools needed to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

As we approach these exciting developments, staying informed and prepared will be key to leveraging them for both personal and professional growth. For a deeper look into the broader trends shaping the future of smartphones, check out our pillar article, “New Smartphone Innovations: Leading Trends for 2024“. 🚀


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