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Online Team Games: Bringing Remote Teams Closer

What if I told you that taking a break from the rigorous work schedule and indulging in some good old fun could help not only to refresh your mind but also encourage team bonding? Exciting, isn’t it?

That’s where the online team games come into the picture, folks! They are a fantastic way to connect, engage, and foster a strong rapport among your remote team members. So without further ado, let’s get this fun digital journey started! 😊

What makes Online Team Games so important?

Online games can be a catalyst for creating a harmonious culture among your remote team. They work as icebreakers and facilitate better understanding and trust among teammates.

They nurture a competitive spirit yet promote collaboration, and encourage problem-solving and strategic thinking.

  • They improve communication and foster team bonding.
  • These games tap into various skills and allow teammates to understand each other’s thought processes better.
  • Furthermore, they are a fantastic stress buster and a mode of relaxing together.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”- Diane Ackerman

In essence, remote team games aren’t just about fun and frolic; they are crucial elements contributing to a healthy and productive remote work environment.

Which are some great Online Team Games to try?

1. Codenames: A free, online adaptation of the hit board game that fosters communication and strategic thinking.
2. Dominion: A medieval-themed card game that encourages strategy formation and critical thinking.
3. Jackbox Games: A collection of quirky, fun-filled games that encourage creativity and lighten the atmosphere.
4. Skribbl.io: An interesting doodle and guessing game that promotes quick thinking and creativity.
5. Playingcards.io: It brings classic card games to your screen, promoting friendly competition and loads of fun.
6. Werewolf: A game of mystery and deception, teaching us to read between the lines and make strategic decisions.
7. Weavr: A game that engages the team with fun questions, answer choices, and gifs.

What does the market say about Online Team Games?

With the advent of remote work, the demand for online team games is skyrocketing. Numerous companies are investing in social games and virtual team activities. A report by Arizton predicts the global board games market could reach values of over $12 billion by 2023, with a major section contributed by online adaptations.

Common Questions about Online Team Games

Why should we play online games?

They foster better communication, teamwork, and rapport. They also encourage strategic thinking while providing a fun stress buster for the team.

What are some good online team games?

Codenames, Dominion, Jackbox Games, and Skribbl.io are some of the popular ones that you can try.

Where can we find these online team games?

Most of these games are readily available online via official sites or game-hosting platforms. You’d usually find links to these in this article!

Can online games increase productivity?

Yes, as they foster better understanding and rapport among team members leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

Further Reading

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Feel free to dive into this wonderful sea of online team games and let the fun times roll! Remember, all work and no play can make your remote team a dull space! 😉


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