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Employer Brand Amplifier

User roles

HR Managers, Marketing Managers, and Prospective Candidates.


Attracting top talent requires a strong employer brand. However, many companies struggle to communicate their values, mission, and culture effectively, which can negatively impact their appeal to potential candidates.

User Story

  1. The HR Manager logs into the web-based platform.
  2. They navigate to the “Employer Branding” section.
  3. Here, they find different modules for managing various aspects of the company’s employer brand. This includes sections for uploading company videos, crafting the company’s mission statement, highlighting employee benefits, and showcasing employee testimonials.
  4. The HR Manager begins by updating the company’s mission statement and values, ensuring they accurately reflect its culture.
  5. Next, they upload a company culture video that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the company.
  6. The HR Manager then moves on to the employee benefits section, detailing the company’s unique benefits, such as flexible working hours, health and wellness programs, and professional development opportunities.
  7. Finally, they upload a series of employee testimonials highlighting the company’s positive experiences.
  8. Once all the information is filled in and saved, it is automatically formatted into an appealing and easy-to-navigate “Career” page on the company’s website.
  9. The Marketing Manager then uses the platform to push out the newly created content across various channels like social media, job boards, and email newsletters to maximize visibility and reach.
  10. Prospective candidates who visit the company’s website or see the shared content will get a comprehensive view of its culture, benefits, and values, helping them make an informed decision about applying.

Expected Results

  1. The web-based platform allows HR and Marketing Managers to easily update and manage the company’s employer branding.
  2. The unified and appealing presentation of the company’s culture, values, and benefits enhances the company’s employer brand.
  3. Increased visibility of the company’s employer brand across various channels attracts more potential candidates.
  4. Prospective candidates clearly understand the company’s culture and values, leading to more aligned applications.
  5. The overall quality of applications improves, leading to better hires and less turnover.

Existing SaaS solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions – “Company Pages”

LinkedIn provides a platform for companies to showcase their culture, mission, and values through their company page. This helps attract potential employees who align with their branding.

Glassdoor – “Enhanced Employer Profiles”

Glassdoor allows companies to enhance their profile by showcasing their employer brand – including company updates, photos, and videos.

Indeed – “Company Pages”

Like LinkedIn, Indeed provides a platform for companies to share their story and values through a company page, helping attract potential candidates.

Workday – “Talent Marketing”

Part of Workday’s suite of HR tools includes talent marketing features, which can help to improve employer branding.

Greenhouse – “Branded Job Boards”

Greenhouse enables companies to create a branded job board that aligns with their company’s brand and values, providing a seamless experience for job seekers.

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